We believe that the quality of our work is only exceeded by the quality of our people. Our estimator and field manager Ron Wolfe and our foremen, Adam Fredericks, Juan Ochoa, Marlon Reynosa, Pete Rodriguez, and Esteban Molina have nearly 110 years of combined painting experience and over 50 years with Jerry Wind.

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Adam Fredericks
has worked with Jerry since 1998 and is his senior foreman. A professional painter since the age of 18, Adam is an excellent trainer of our newer painters and has a lot to offer everyone on his crew. He loves orchestrating and completing a job and is a very friendly customer service professional. Jerry has relied on Adam for large project oversight, crew formation and customer satisfaction for many years.

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Marlon Reynosa
is an invaluable company manager and foreman. Our foremen and painters respect Marlon as a skilled leader and teacher. He always makes our customers feel like they are in good hands. He makes enameled woodwork glow and also loves refinishing old wood and matching it to existing wood surfaces. Marlon is a prime color matcher, decorative painter, and also our main floor refinisher. He painted for several years in Guatemala and has worked with Jerry since 2001.

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Jose Enriquez
is the Mr. Personality of our crew. Jose loves what he does and the customers that he works for. He tells Jerry that every new job that he completes is like a trophy. Jose is a very skilled mechanic and a no nonsense, focused worker. He inspires all his fellow workers with his energy. He grew up in Guatemala with Marlon and has been painting for Jerry for eight years. He is a joy to all who know him.

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Pete Rodriguez
grew up in St. Paul, MN and started painting with Jerry in 2002. Pete is a dependable and hard working foreman largely because of his skillful work, leadership and sincere desire to please. He is dedicated to our company and our customers and can always be counted on. Pete is a family man who takes his relationships with family, friends and customers very seriously. Pete can always be relied on to give an honest assessment of a situation.

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Abraham Hernandez
is Marlon’s nephew and is our youngest painter. He was born in New York, grew up in Guatemala and moved here specifically to learn to paint from his Uncle Marlon. Abraham is a “natural” who enjoys his work, has learned incredibly quickly and has helped with the training of our younger summer painters. He has been painting with Jerry for almost three years and sees our company as his family (and of course some of us actually are).

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Pablo Figueroa
is Abraham’s older brother. He has recently been a seasonal painter for us and plans to return in the future. Pablo brings excellent carpentry and floor sanding skills to our team, as well as painting. Pablo is very friendly and fits right in as a skilled mechanic and craftsman.

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Susan Wind
is Jerry’s favorite employee, his wife and best friend of 36 years. He doesn’t ask her to paint however, because she says she gets more paint on herself than on the wall. Susan manages the payroll and administrative tasks of our business with joy and love. She is appreciated and respected as the company mom by all our workers. Additionally, Susan is an exceptionally good Le Cordon Bleu-trained cook and baker.

Jerry Wind

Jerry Wind
graduated from the College of St. Thomas in 1974 and spent the next six years teaching English and Religion to 7th and 8th graders and coordinating large conferences. The seasonal nature of his employment led him to seek temporary work as a roofer’s helper, painter, and cleaner. His knack for painting led him to start his own business, Jerry Wind Quality Painting, in 1980. Jerry's business grew quickly, largely because of the strong relationships he built with customers and other painters. Jerry trains all of his employees to use the same care and attention to detail that helped him build his business from day one.

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Ron Wolfe
grew up with painting in his blood. His father managed a Sherwin Williams store, and Ron began paperhanging and painting while he was in college. Ron and Jerry have been friends for years, having been members of the same ecumenical church group. Ron joined Jerry Wind Quality Painting in 1984, and eventually bought the business from Jerry in 1990, renaming it Minnesota Craftsman Painting. 20 years later, Ron and Jerry have reunited, and Ron is now Painting by Jerry Wind's main salesman and field manager. With their combined experience and strong friendship, Ron and Jerry now run a painting company which they believe is better than ever.