From top to bottom, our interior painting team repairs, prepares, and paints your ceilings and walls to your exact specifications.
house painting

Professional results for walls and ceilings come from listening to customers, using the proper tools, and paying attention to detail. Our interior painting crew is hand selected by Jerry to make sure that every project is treated with care. We don't paint over problems: we solve them. Our crew is trained and experienced in wall and ceiling repair and spot retexturing techniques that fix trouble areas right the first time around.

Some of our wall and ceiling services include:
  • Surface preparation for dirty, greasy, or glossy surfaces
  • Special moisture and mildew-resistant finishing for bathrooms
  • Plaster and Sheetrock Repair
  • Repairing and painting texture
  • Texture removal and skim coating
  • Spot retexturing
  • Total retexturing
  • Knockdown and “popcorn” texturing
  • Skim coating
  • Dust control
  • Custom finishes

The Wall & Ceiling Painting Process

During the painting prep, execution, and cleanup, we won’t play loud music or be a nuisance. Instead, our job is to create what you’ve asked for while keeping your home a comfortable and pleasant place to be. We’ll also make sure to leave a clean area after we finish the project.

Our painting services include color matching to help you get the exact feel you want for each room in your house. We tape down tarps to ensure a neat job well done. Before we begin painting or other work, we make sure to perform proper surface preparation, including laying coverings, repairing surfaces, sanding, caulking, filling, and priming. We understand that you’ll see these walls, these ceilings, and this woodwork up close every day, so the details matter.

We also offer warranties, and we are always happy to answer questions. If you’d like to learn more about our services or just want to obtain an estimate, contact us at 651-699-6140 or 612-827-6140 today.