Find the hidden beauty of your woodwork

If you want the warm, inviting charm of natural woodwork to shine through in your home, it all starts with a thorough stripping job. Our professional painters are also skilled woodwork refinishers. Our team takes the time to fully remove all coats of paint, varnish and sealant to get to the original layer of wood.

The Woodwork Stripping Process

Removing the old product from the wood grain and gaps and inside edges and corners is the most intricate part of the stripping process. We take the time and have the tools

  • Use chemical or heat stripping techniques to prepare your woodwork for refinishing
  • Thoroughly sand and clean your woodwork before repainting or refinishing
  • Apply stain, sealer, and varnish to the woodwork

We also take care to protect your living space during a wood stripping project. We tape down tarps to ensure clean, protected surfaces. We make sure to perform proper surface preparation, including laying coverings, repairing surfaces, sanding, caulking, and filling before we begin the refinishing process.

We also offer warranties, and we are always happy to answer questions. If you would like to learn more about our services or want to get an estimate, contact us at 651-699-6140 or 612-827-6140 today.