Properly repaired sheetrock can look as good as new with the right technique.

From small dents and cracks to gaping holes, sheetrock lends itself to flawless repair if the right technique is used. We employ tried and true materials, are expert skim coaters, and can mesh-patch and finely smooth over any sheetrock hole.

The Sheetrock Repair Process

Sheetrock can be damaged by water, and can also crumble or crack over time. Repairing it the right way before it gets out of hand can help restore your walls to a pristine finish.

In older homes with plaster, weak and cracked plaster may fall right off the lath it is attached to. Installing sheetrock over the top of the lath can be the soundest solution, and help create a seamless repair. Repairing sheetrock in newer homes can involve:

  • Opening and redoing joints
  • Repairing nail “pops”
  • Fixing holes
  • Redoing outside corners
  • Caulking splitting inside corners
  • Repairing surface texture

You see your walls up close every day. Repairing them requires an appropriate attention to detail to make your home a pleasant place to live. Call us today at 651-699-6140 for a free estimate, or fill out our online form. We offer our sheetrock repair services to Minneapolis and surrounding suburb residents.