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Attic & Exterior in St. Anthony Park

This ambitious project is one of the most memorable jobs we've done in recent years. Phillip wanted a complete restoration of his home's exterior , as well as finishing work in his remodeled attic.

Scraping the thick coats of paint from the exterior without damaging the woodwork proved to be risky, especially around the unique basket weave style front entry. We used heat treatment to soften the paint before removing. The project also required considerable masonry repair, and containment for lead-based paint,

Work in the attic required stripping and refinishing baseboards, a beautiful wood floor, and stair treads. Special attention was needed around the individual railing spindles and the small landing. All of the woodwork was enameled or cleaned, stained, and varnished. The ceiling and walls were also painted.

Project Details

  • St. Anthony Park
  • Complete exterior restoration, including scraping, repair, and painting.
  • Attic finishing, including wood floor and stair tread restoration.

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