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David and Rachelle

David and Rachelle knew their new home would be a fixer upper, so they planned ahead to completely refurbish the walls and ceilings of every room. Extensive plaster repair and interior painting was required. Many of the rooms had wallpaper that had been painted over, ceilings with dark paneling and water damage, and walls with deteriorating plaster and sheetrock.

We focused heavily on the preparation work by repairing plaster and sheetrock, removing wallpaper, and applying extensive and thorough skim coating. We needed to create a smooth, paintable surface before we began the home painting work. We then primed the walls and ceiling and caulked around ceiling beams. We refinished the wood beams and painting the ceiling around them, making them a focal point of the room.

Project Details

  • Plaster and sheetrock repair, skim coating, and woodwork refinishing
  • Refurbishing wood beams on the ceiling
  • Extensive home painting services

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