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Engaging Deck

We got a call for an estimate on a deck, a fence, some outdoor stairs and "everything else in the back." Everything else turned out to be two wooden benches, a backyard shed, three small retaining walls, two sets of stairs and a wooden bridge.

This quickly turned into one of our most fun and interesting projects. We washed all surfaces with a cleaner to remove dirt and moss growth. We power sanded the deck, stair tread and handrail to reveal new bare wood, which gave us the best surface for restaining. We used Cabot’s Australian Timber Oil to achieve a beautiful natural look.

Project Details

  • Cleaning and power sanding deck, stairs, and other outdoor wood surfaces
  • Refinishing outdoor wood, from retaining walls and benches, to a small bridge and shed.

Deck restoration will help you maintain the investment you've made in your home. Our knowledgeable deck staining contractors can help restore your decks beauty. 

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