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Interior Painting At Franciscan Brothers Home

This home, located in an old convent, needed extensive repairs and refinishing. Wood refinishing, interior painting, plaster repair, and high stairwells all needed attention. The entire project included work in hallways, stairwells with steps, a large chapel room, the kitchen, dining room, library, computer room, several offices, multiple bathrooms, and ten additional bedrooms and utility rooms.

Wood refinishing included pillars in the chapel, several doors, and all of the kitchen cabinets. Preparation for the home painting required plaster repair, the application of high-adhesion primer, cleaning candle smoke from surfaces in the chapel, color matching, and skim coating. The large surface area of the living area required 18” rollers to cover more square footage quicker.

A special challenge of this project was the preparation and repainting of old metal heat registers throughout the building. The registers in each room were very worn and rusty. After sanding them down, we thoroughly scrubbed them with a rust inhibitive solution, and then primed with a special primer. The registers were finished with a metal paint. Some were sprayed after being removed, but most were hand sanded and painted by brush and roller.

Project Details

  • Wide ranging home painting services over a large surface area with high ceilings
  • Plaster repair, skim coating, hand sanding, and detailed prep work
  • Wood refinishing, interior painting, and water damage repair

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