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This customer had a beautiful solarium built into their home. The space included an upper deck, a lower room with a hot tub, and a high ceiling with walls that went from the lower room all the way up and over the upper deck. Almost all of the wood paneling, which had been finished with a clear sealer many years ago, needed to be sanded and refinished. We removed the finish from the deck, floor, and wooden benches by aggressive sanding.

Our main job was to expose the raw, natural wood and blend in stain before a new clear finish was applied. The deck was sanded with a floor edger, and the walls were hand sanded from ladders. We paid special attention to the window sills and areas that had been exposed to water, sun, and condensation from the hot tub steam. We made all of these components look consistently stained, and brand-new. The job was completed on time and inline with the customers schedule.

Project Details

  • Wood refinishing and restoration of wooden decking, walls, and windowsills
  • Stripping and sanding of water damaged and sun distressed wooden surfaces
  • Hand sanding of tall interior walls and railings

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