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Spray Enameling Woodwork

To bring a clean, finished feel to the painted woodwork in this home, we focused heavily on surface preparation. Much of the woodwork in this older home was split at the seams, with chips and nicks in the wood, globules of paint stuck on the trim, and peeling paint in areas. We administered light scraping, thorough hand sanding and power sanding, and a wood filler to smooth over the gouges and nicks in the wood. We then caulked the wood at its joints and where the trim met the walls and ceiling.

After thoroughly preparing the surfaces, we were able to spray a nice three-coat enameled finish. A spray finish, with proper prep can be smoother than a brush finish when the proper surface preparation is accomplished. We were able to use the entire room as a workspace for this project, which made the finishing and spraying much easier.

Project Details

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