Decks are the stage for enjoying your yard. Make sure yours is properly taken care of.

Decks see it all: rain, snow, intense heat, and sub-zero temperatures. Just like a good paint job, deck refinishing starts with thoroughly cleaning and repairing your deck's surface. Taking care of your deck requires more than slapping on a new coat of finish. Refinishing your deck may require stripping old finish off for the successful adhesion of the new product. We also take care to protect the plants, walls, and furniture you have around your deck while professionally applying a new finish.

Deck staining

Our team has refinished a lot of decks, but we understand that yours is the only one you have. We give it the personal treatment it deserves so you can enjoy a professionally stained and refinished outdoor space. If your deck needs to be stained or refinished, Painting by Jerry Wind provides quality deck staining services.  

The Deck Staining Process

Our professional contractors follow a well-thought and thorough process for each deck staining and refinishing project. It looks like this:

  • Deck cleaning, including underside power washing
  • Stripping and sanding old finish and stain
  • Special railing, rim joist, and post treatment
  • Sanding and hail damage repair on all surfaces
  • Staining and refinishing to your specifications

Painting by Jerry Wind focuses on offering you quality and efficient work. We hire capable people and provide extensive training to create the proper work ethic in our employees. Consult Painting by Jerry Wind for all of your deck staining and refinishing needs in and around Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN.